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Tracey Speaking:

Happy New Year! It’s definitely feeling like a new year here at Enough Already. We’re finally able to put into place some of the plans we’ve had brewing (see what we did there) for some time. Last year, Emily and I would come up with ideas of how we want to progress our expanding little business and we’d add it to our ever growing list of ‘Plans for Next Year’. And here we are, it’s now 2021 and we’re beginning to roll them out.

‘Builder’s Tee’ is something we’ve wanted to go ahead with for quite some time, we just needed a little space to grow our foundations first. We always knew that we wanted to put things far more in the hands of you, our lovely customers, to let you have exactly what you want. And so the ‘Builder’s Tee’ was born. It’s all in your hands as now you can build your perfect tee! You choose the T-shirt, you choose the author, and the quote. You choose the colours of the embroidery thread and the placement, it’s all up to you. Your design is in your hands! We’re just here to help should you need it.

We want you to be entirely happy with what you create. No more waiting for the size you need with a quote you like to come up. Now you design your dream shirt. Is there a quote that's been lurking in the back of your mind for months? Well now is the time to put it onto an item of clothing! We can’t wait to work with you on this. Message us with as many questions as you like, we want to help. We do advise in the listing the length of the quote that we can do and some points to consider. The longer the quote the smaller the font size, so that’s something to bear in mind for the creation process. So if you’re happy with something slightly more subtle, use up all your characters or if you’re feeling big and BOLD go short and snappy!

We’d love you to be able to pick any quote from your favourite author but unfortunately, due to copyright laws, we can only use quotes from authors who have died 70+ years ago. So if you pick from one of our suggested authors list you know you’re fine . But we’re more than happy to keep adding to this list with your ideas!!

We’re excited about the launch of ‘Builder’s Tee’ and we have many new ideas coming soon. We hope ‘Builder’s Tee’ will give you the opportunity to create something just for you that nobody else has. So get creating, we can’t wait to see what you come up with. We are here just waiting behind the scenes to help you every step of the way.

Keep checking in, it’s going to be an exciting year!

This way to Builder's Tee:

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